Pedal to the Metal

Burn rubber in our big-tire drag racing events in Douglas, WY

Ready to see if your car has what it takes to take home the trophy? Central Wyoming Motorsports uses our track for big-tire drag racing. You can sign up to participate in a race and enjoy the rush and excitement as you reach your top speeds.

We accept door cars only with big drag tires of any size. You can check out our Facebook page for more information about the rules and qualifications. Races are 1/8 mile and have fees that vary based on the race. 100% of the fees collected go to the winner.

Contact us today to enter into a big-tire drag racing event in Douglas, WY.

What can you expect from your first drag race?

What can you expect from your first drag race?

We accept seasoned drivers as well as newcomers. Our race track is a perfect place to experience big-tire drag racing for the first time. We're welcoming and enthusiastic. You can count on us to answer any questions you have about the races or what type of big drag tires are required.

Call now to sign up for a big-tire drag race in Douglas, WY.